Reset the IDs of Request, Problem and Change



Connect to SQL studio of your SQL server.


Queries for the respective modules:




insert into workorder(workorderid,requesterid,createdtime,respondedtime,duebytime,completedtime,tim

Increase Log file count

It is possible to increase the log files count, however increasing the files will have an impact on the performance of the application. Also it is not recommended to increase the count more than 50. Kindly navigate to the file logging.xml un…

How to extract Private Key from PKCS 12 (Pfx/P12)

Unlike the Public Key which is visible in the Certificate Details page, the private key wont be visible and can’t be downloaded directly. To download that in a readable format or as a text file follow the steps below,

Download and inst…

Keytool list command

To view the Certificates inside a keystore use the command below,


keytool -list -v -keystore


In the above syntax replace the with the keystore name. The above syntax is for normal certifi…

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