Failover configuration

High Availability for ServiceDesk Plus – MSP


This document explains the procedure to setup ‘High Availability’ for ServiceDesk Plus – MSP. And how to switch to a standby server when the production server fails

We have enabled Active Directory Authentication and requesters login into ServiceDesk Plus – MSP using their AD credentials. Suppose we reset the requester password in AD, then how soon the same will be reflected into ServiceDesk Plus – MSP, so that requesters will be able to login through their new AD credentials?

ServiceDesk Plus – MSP does not store the AD password, it just authenticates the password with AD. While performing an AD import, ServiceDesk Plus – MSP will import and store the Login information and Domain information from …

How can I display different login images for each account?

When a requester logs in using an account specific URL, he will be displayed login images for the specified account. To create an account specific URL for an account, go to Admin -> Accounts -> Drill down the account -> In the Login U…

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