Error While invoking Scheduled backup (DB:MSSQL)

When Backup Scheduling is enabled in ServiceDeskPlus-MSP and at the specified time if the application is unable to perform the backup for some reasons, an exception is thrown and this exception will be sent as an email to email addresses co…

How to take manual backup in LINUX machine

     Steps to take data backup in Linux machine is given below,


    1.Go to the installation folder. [The default installation folder is                               /opt/ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus MSP/.

PGSQL Dump – Backup and Restore Procedure

PGSQL – DUMP – Backup Procedure :

1. Start the application

To take Postgres (Psql) Dump :

3. Open a command prompt and navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>/pgsql/bin directory.

4.  Execute -> pg_dump -U postgres …

MYSQL Dump – Backup and Restore Procedure

MySQL Dump – Back Up Procedure :


For Windows:


1. Open a command prompt and Navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP>/mysql/bin directory.
2. Execute -> mysqldump.exe -u root -P 33366 servciedesk > dumpfile

How do I restore the backup data?

The following instructions is to restore the backup data.
Step 1: From the command prompt, go to [ServiceDesk Plus-Home]\bin directory and execute the command restoreData.bat. Choose the backup file while prompted and select OK.


How do I schedule a backup over a network share?

You can configure a backup scheduling over a network share,

  1. Click Admin -> Backup Scheduling under General block -> Edit Scheduling link on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Set the Backup location as \\Network server name\backup.


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