How do I setup redirection from HTTP to HTTPS?

Follow the steps given below to setup the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS,


  1. Go to the folder C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat50.sar and open the file server.xml with WordPad. Find t

How do I convert the database from MYSQL to MSSQL?

The following is the procedure to migrate your ServiceDeskPlus – MSP database from MYSQL to MSSQL.

Step 1: Stop ManageEngine ServiceDeskPlus – MSP service.
Step 2: Take a backup of the existing data and configuration …

How do I install SSL certificate for ServiceDeskPlus-MSP?

ServiceDeskPlus-MSP can run as a HTTPS service. But it requires a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate signed by a valid Certificate Authority (CA).


By default, on first time startup, it creates a self-signed certificate. This s…

Installing .PFX Certificate

.PFX is an extension for security certificate. It defines a file format that stores private keys (generated by your server at the time the CSR was generated) and public key certificate (your SSL Certificate provided by the CA) in a single en…

How do I renew SSL Certificate?

In order to use the renewed certificate, you need to have taken a backup of the existing keystore file (created while configuring the SSL), which was taken before the installation of any certs. If this file is present, then you can replace th…

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