MySQl to PGSQL migration

Support for MySQL database is going to be terminated from June 2017. So we recommend all customers to migrate the database to either PGSQL or MSSQL database.  
Step 1: Stop the ManageEngine ServiceDeskPlus-MSP service.
Step 2: Take a

How do I setup a support e-mail address for each account?

  1. In your mail-server, create a user e-mail account to which all e-mails will be fetched.
  2. Create an e-mail alias for this e-mail account for each of your customer accounts.
  3. Go to Admin -> Accounts -> Drill-down an account -> Enter th

Where and how are the archived data stored in the database?

When the data archiving process is executed, the archived data is moved into a separate list of tables in the database. These tables can be identified easily as they have a prefix “arc_” to their table name. For example: arc_wo…

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