How do I add associated asset in the request?

Pass the attribute name as “asset” to capture the asset information in the request. Make sure that the asset specified in the API should exist in the ServiceDesk Plus – MSP.

If you are using a Requester login and if “Show worksta…

What is the difference between the Servlet API and REST API?

The servlet is a form based input submission by the external applications. While the output is exposed in XML format. The input data is sent as an XML string and the output is exposed as an XML string.
The http form is submit

What are the types of APIs?

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – MSP supports two types of API.

  2. REST API.

Both the API methods can be implemented simultaneously in the application, provided the operation is performed with the corresponding syntax de

What is the purpose of APIs in ServiceDesk Plus – MSP?

Application Programming Interface (API) is used to integrate various applications and facilitate sharing of data between them. The integration can be achieved with any third party (external) applications or web services that are capa

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