What are prerequisites for installing an agent?

The following are the permissions required to install the agent,


  • Open the ports TCP 135, 445 and one random port greater than 1024, to install and start the agent as service using WMI.
  • Open the ports TCP 137, 138, 139, 445 for file and pr

What are the advantages of agent based scanning?

Some of the advantages of agent based scan are:


  1. Only one port (TCP 9000) is required during scan, which can be configured under Admin -> Agent settings -> Agent Configuration -> Agent Port.
  2. Easy to deploy the agent in workst

What are Agentless and Agent based scan?

Agentless and Agent based scan are supported by Windows platform. The Agent is client side software installed in the host to scan inventories and provide easy access for remote assistance. On the other hand, Agentless scans inventories u…

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