Error when executing query report

There are scenarios where a custom report or query report fails with the below exception in UI as well as in the logs,

This is due to the limitation of the Query cost configured. To increase that refer the instructions in the link below,


Back up error – TDS Protocol error

Exception when the periodic backup runs

java.sql.SQLException: TDS Protocol error: Invalid TDS data type 0x74 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.nextToken( at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.getNe…

How to know the queries running in SQl server currently

If SQl server consumes 100% CPU usage execute the below query to know which thread is repetitive and consuming more CPU.


SELECT p.spid, p.status, p.hostname, p.loginame, p.cpu, r.start_time, t.text FROM sys.dm_exec_requests a

Disable scheduler page


Sometimes while loading the scheduler page performance issues will occur if there are more schedules configured in the application. You can check how many technicians have configured the schedule using the query below,



Query to set rich text formatting

If the text has been set to Plain text, then the text has mixed HTML tags included in it. We can change to Rich Text in Notification Rules . If that doesn’t work, then connect to the database and run the below query to manually update to Ric…

How to connect Servicedeskplus-MSP database ?

If your database is PGSQL (PostGreSQL), follow the below steps :

1.Open a command prompt.

2. Navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP>/pgsql/bin directory.

3. Execute –

psql -h localhost -p 65432 -U postgres -d servicedesk

How do I move SQL Server database to a new server?

Following is the procedure to migrate your ServiceDesk Plus – MSP database from one MSSQL to another.
Step 1: Stop ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – MSP service.
Step 2: Take a backup of the existing data and configuration unde

How to change the cleanup task time in DB

By default the table cleanup task will be automatically performed by the system daily. Even though this wont affect the system performance, you can still edit this time to a custom time may be during the non-production hours.

Ensure a backu…

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