Failover configuration

High Availability for ServiceDesk Plus – MSP


This document explains the procedure to setup ‘High Availability’ for ServiceDesk Plus – MSP. And how to switch to a standby server when the production server fails.


I. Setting up High Availability


1. Install ServiceDeks Plus – MSP on your production server [assuming its IP address is]


2. Setup up the database:


    1. SQL Server: If SQL server is your database of choice, use a SQL cluster. Here is a Microsoft link explaining the procedure to setup a SQL cluster:

      1. Navigate to <ServiceDeskPlusMSP Home>/bin and execute ‘changeDBServer.bat/sh’

      2. A ‘Database Configuration Wizard’ window is displayed. Choose the configuration parameters that correspond to your SQL cluster


       b.  Postgres: To use Postgres as your database,

      1. Install Postgres version 9.2 on a SAN

      2. Navigate to <ServiceDeskPlusMSP Home>/bin and execute ‘changeDBServer.bat/sh’

      3. A ‘Database Configuration Wizard’ window is displayed. Choose the configuration parameters that correspond to the Postgres that you have installed on your SAN.


3. Configure path for attachments:

      1. Start the production application server

      2. Login as administrator on the web-portal

      3. Navigate to the page Admin -> Self-service portal Settings

      4. In the section ‘Path for attachments’, provide the path of a virtual drive mapped to a SAN

      5. Save the ‘Settings’ page


4. Make any configuration related changes on your server. Eg: Setting up the web-server port, SSL certificate, custom login images


5. Setup your DNS server to point to your production server [Eg: http://helpdesk resolves to]


6. Setup the standby server:

      1. Shutdown your production server

      2. Install ServiceDesk Plus – MSP on your standby server [assuming its IP address is]

      3. Point the standby server to your database [refer I 2]

      4. Copy the following folders from your production server to your standby server

        1. <Production_Home>/custom

        2. <Produciton_Home>/fileAttachments

        3. <Produciton_Home>/images

        4. <Produciton_Home>/inlineimages

        5. <Produciton_Home>/server/default/conf

      5. Start the standby server

      6. Login through the web-portal and verify the ‘Path for attachments’ [see I 3]

      7. Shut down the standby server


7. Start your production server and start using it. Make sure the standby server is not running at any time when the production server is running.


8. Keeping the standby server up-to-date: Copy the folders mentioned in [I 6 d] periodically to make sure that the standby is up-to-date


II. Switching from Production Server to Standby


1. Copy the folders mentioned in [I 6 d] to your standby system


2. Make sure the production server is not running


3. On your DNS server, re-configure to point to the standby server [Eg: http://helpdesk now points to]


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