How can I display different login images for each account?

When a requester logs in using an account specific URL, he will be displayed login images for the specified account. To create an account specific URL for an account, go to Admin -> Accounts -> Drill down the account -> In the Login URL field, enter the account specific URL. Eg: account1.
In the same page, under ‘customize’, you can specify images that are displayed on the Login screen and also on the top-left corner of the product after a successful login. Once you specify the images, click ‘Save’ In the Accounts List view page, the login URL you provided is displayed as http://mspserver/account1. This is the account specific URL for account1. Give this URL to requesters from account 1. When they use this URL in their browser, the images that you have specified under ‘customize’ for account 1 will be displayed to the requester


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