AD Duplicate Users Sync Issue

While performing AD import,you may not be able to import few users. This article helps you to find the reason and solution for the same.

Use the following query to find out the  duplicate users and remove them from requesters, technicians list and do a re-sync from AD to import them.

ERROR TRACE in logs :

[com.adventnet.sym.adsm.common.server.ADHandler]|[INFO]|[615]|: Error in Importing User (ADD) – paternoi. Continuing|
[SYSOUT]|[INFO]|[615]|: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘AaaLogin_UK10’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.AaaLogin’. The duplicate key value is (paternoi, CORP).|

Query to find the Users :

select au.first_name “Name” , “Login” ,ad.org_name “Account Name” from aaalogin al left join sduser sdu on sdu.userid = al.user_id left join aaauser au on sdu.userid = au.user_id left join USERDEPARTMENT ud on ud.USERID = au.user_id left join DEPARTMENTDEFINITION dd on dd.DEPTID = ud.DEPTID left join ACCOUNTSITEMAPPING asm on asm.siteid = dd.siteid left join accountdefinition ad on ad.org_id = asm.accountid where in (‘paternoi’,’paternoi’) and al.domainname like ‘%CORP%’


Look at the error trace and collect all the failed login names and mention in the query like below

where in (‘paternoi’,’paternoi’)




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