How do I schedule ServiceDesk Plus – MSP to perform automatic backup?

You can configure backup scheduling, to perform backup of all the files on a regular interval.

  1. Click Admin -> Backup Scheduling under General block -> Edit Scheduling link on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Enable backup scheduling by clicking the enable button.
  3. Select the number of days from the combo box to schedule the backup process. For every n number of selected days the backup will be taken for the available data.
  4. Specify the Start Backup date using the calendar and also select the time in hrs and mins from the combo box. This is a mandatory field.
  5. In case of backup failure specify the notify email address in the given text field. This is a mandatory field.
  6. Select either or both the Attachment Files and Database option to take the back up. This is a mandatory field.
  7. Specify the Backup location in the given text field to store the backup data.
  8. Save the changes.

Please note – From 8210 build backup files (.data files) will be created under <ProductHome>/<backup>/<backup_servicedesk_821X> folder in which there will  be multiple parts in it. Example – backup_servicedesk_821X_fullbackup_<date> and backup_servicedesk_821X_fullbackup_<date>

This complete folder is your backup of the database.

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