Increase Log file count

It is possible to increase the log files count, however increasing the files will have an impact on the performance of the application. Also it is not recommended to increase the count more than 50. Kindly navigate to the file logging.xml under \ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\server\default\conf, where you can change the file count value from 10 to 50.


<Logger loggername=”default” logger_level=”INFO” useparenthandler=”false”>


<Handler formatterpattern=”[%T]|[%D]|[%N]|[%L]|[%Th]|: %M|” type=”FileHandler” handler_level=”ALL” formatterclassname=”com.adventnet.logging.DefaultFormatter” handlername=”DefaultHandler” handlerfactoryname=”com.adventnet.logging.internal.DefaultHandlerFactoryImpl”>

<FileHandler append=”true” archivedirectory=”log/archive” filecount=”50” filepattern=”serverout%g.txt” archivestatus=”false” logdirectory=”log” maxlimit=”10000000″/>



Once the changes are done, please restart the application.

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