Mobile app Push Notification is not working (ioS / Android) app

This issue is because of few reasons.

  1. Kindly ensure that mobile push notification are enabled (Admin Tab -> Notification Rules -> Mobile Push Notification). 
  2.  Proxy is not configured. – Check whether the proxy settings (Admin -> General -> Proxy Settings) configured correctly if your organization have proxy server configured.
  3.  The device may not be registered.

To analyze the 1st and 3rd point , we need the following details,

1) – Check whether the devices are registered for the user by running the below query. Assume a user ‘Heather’ is not getting push notifications.

– Find the user id by providing name (replace the ‘Heather’ with the user name who is not getting push notification)

Goto admin -> Reports -> Query Reports and execute the same.

select * from aaauser where first_name like ‘% Heather %’;

– To know whether devices are registered for the particular user (replace ‘1’ with user id you got by running the above query).

select * from mobilenotifications where userid= 1

–> Also please let us know whether SSO is enabled.
2) Along with the above details , please enable the Fine logs as mentioned below and send us the log files also.
Please use the following URL to change the logger level of the application (No need to shut down and start the application for doing this operation)
Open a browser where you already logged in the application and execute the below URL : (apply the respective server name / port)
Recreate the issue by assigning the technician for a ticket.
Now reset the FINE level to INFO by executing the below URL :
Example – http://sdpmsp-builds:9210/setup/ChangeLoggerLevel.jsp?name=&level=INFO
You can upload the files here and provide the ticket id in the comments section.
Log folder is available under -> <ServiceDeskplusMSP>/server/default -> log folder. Zip and send the same also for further analysis.
You can send the above details to for further analysis and assistance.

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