MYSQL Dump – Backup and Restore Procedure

MySQL Dump – Back Up Procedure :


For Windows:


1. Open a command prompt and Navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP>/mysql/bin directory.
2. Execute -> mysqldump.exe -u root -P 33366 servciedesk > dumpfilename.sql
3. Once it is completed, under <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP>/mysql/bin directory a file named dumpfilename.sql will be created. 

You don’t have to shut down the application while doing the above steps.


For Linux:


./mysqldump –defaults-file=/ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/mysql/bin/my_sd.cnf –port=33366 –socket=/ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock   –disable-keys –user=root ServiceDesk > dumpfilenamenew.sql


MySQL Dump – Restore Procedure :

Note : Please remember to stop the mail fetching and change the OUTGOING mail server address to a dummy settings from Admin -> mail server settings. Else your new tickets will be fetched into this test system.

1. Install the application in a server.

2. Start and shut down the application once.

3. Navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP>/mysql/bin directory in your test installation and paste the taken .sql file.

4. Open a command prompt and navigate into <ServiceDeskPlus_MSP>/mysql/bin directory and execute ->  mysql -u root -P 33366 servicedesk < dumpfilename.sql


For Linux,


mysql  –port=33366  –user=root ServiceDesk < sdpmsp_8202_19May15.sql


5. Once the process is completed, please start the application and check the data.





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