MySQl to PGSQL migration

Support for MySQL database is going to be terminated from June 2017. So we recommend all customers to migrate the database to either PGSQL or MSSQL database.


Step 1: Stop the ManageEngine ServiceDeskPlus-MSP service.
Step 2: Take a backup of the existing data in the application
From the command prompt, go to [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\bin directory and execute the backUpData.bat command to start the data backup.
cmd> [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\bin
cmd> backUpData.bat
This backup will be stored under the Backup folder in ServiceDeskPlus-MSP Home directory.
Step 3: Install a fresh version of ServiceDeskPlus-MSP of the same build. A fresh install will have PGSQL as a default database. 
You can download the appropriate builds from the below link. 
Step 4 : Once after installing the build, start and stop the application service once for the new tables to get created in the database.
Step 5: Now Restore the Backup taken in the second step. To restore run the command prompt as an administrator. Now goto ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\bin  and execute RestoreData.bat , browse and give the latest backup taken. Once the restore is complete you will get a pop up saying Restoration completed successfully. 

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