How do I automatically assign tickets to technicians?

You can allocate tickets automatically to the technicians using Technician Auto Assign. The Technician Auto Assign follows a Round Robin Method or Load Balancing Technique to assign technicians based on their availability. If the technician is not available on the due by date of the request, he will not be assigned to that request.
Technician Auto Assign is executed after the SLA is applied to the request. If the site is specified for a request, then the technicians associated to that site alone are considered. Similarly, if group is specified in a request, the technicians associated to the group are taken into account.
Round Robin Method: In this method, the tickets are assigned equally to all the technicians in an order and starts again from the same order of the list. This way all the incoming tickets are equally distributed among the available technicians.
Load Balancing Technique: Technicians with the least number of requests will be assigned to the request. If more than one technician has the least load, then any one of the technician will be assigned to the request.

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