I want to edit the right side of the Self Service Portal page to have a direct link to a page in our website.

This can be done by carrying out the following steps.


1. Locate the file SelfServiceHelp.html under [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\Custom]


2. In the above file change src=”http://demo.servicedeskplusmsp.com/” to your desired website. Also you can adjust the width as per your requirement.


To remove the Watch this portal video you need to execute an update query in the database. If you are using Postgres database connect to postgres ,


C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\pgsql\bin> psql.exe -p 65432 -U postgres -w servicedesk


and execute the below query,



or you can follow the below steps,


To change the URL for the Portal Usage video, please login as a user in the ServiceDesk Plus – MSP application. Right-click on the video link and select Copy Link location. Open a Note Pad and Paste the URL content.


The original URL is:

Next, login as a Technician in ServiceDesk Plus – MSP. Go to Admin -> Translation and search for the above URL. When you get the URL, change it to the your required name. For example: http://www.xyz.com . Save it and restart ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Service.







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