How to display a pdf/txt file in SelfService Portal in requester login

To display some files in Self service Page in an end user login follow the steps below,


Place the file in the path ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\custom.


Edit the file namedĀ SelfServiceHelp.html present in the same path as mentioned above and add the below entry,


<L1><P><BR><embed src=”smallpdf.pdf” type=”application/pdf” height=”300px” width=”100%”></P></UL>


Replace the smallpdf.pdf with your filename.filetype. After adding the line the file should look like below,


<LI><P>Personalize the display language, date / time format from
Personalize section</P>
<L1><P><BR><embed src=”smallpdf.pdf” type=”application/pdf” height=”300px” width=”100%”></P></UL>
<P><BR>NOTE : The content of this section can be configured in
SelfServiceHelp.html file under &lt;product_home&gt;/custom


The above is sample for adding pdf file. For adding text file use the below command,


<L1><P><BR><embed src=”new.txt” height=”500″ width=”500″></P></UL>


Replace new.txt with the desired file name.


Save the file and restart the application service . Now the end user should be able to see the pdf file under Portal Usage section.

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