What is E-mail command? How to configure it in ServiceDesk Plus – MSP?

E-Mail Command is used to parse the incoming e-mail and set various request field values like Category, Status, Priority, Level etc, from the e-mail content.

When Enable E-Mail Command check box is enabled and incoming e-mail subject contains theE-mail Subject contains field value, the e-mail content will be parsed and the request fields will be set based on the Command Delimiter field value. [  Screenshot ]


Any special character (@@, ##, $$, %%, &&, so on) can be provided as the Command Delimiter. The field values assigned between these special characters is assigned to the corresponding fields in the request form.

Note: Enable E-mail Command check box should be selected to activate e-mail command feature. If this option is not selected, then the incoming e-mail will be handled as normal e-mail even if the incoming e-mail contains the parsing string in the subject.

The fields that can be parsed on the e-mail are, LEVEL, MODE, PRIORITY, URGENCY, IMPACT, IMPACTDETAILS, CATEGORY, SUBCATEGORY, ITEM, GROUP, TECHNICIAN, TECHNICIANEMAIL, REQUESTER, REQUESTEREMAIL, REQUESTID, REQUESTTEMPLATE, REQUESTTYPE, STATUS, SITE, ASSET, RESOLUTION and additional field label (the field label given in the e-mail must match the field label set in the product).

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