What is the purpose of organising Business Rules?

Organizing business rules will help us to decide the order in which the rules should be executed on the requests that are fetched by the application. Business rules have to be organized in such a way that the rules do not collide with each other (i.e) the criteria of the first rule should not coincide with the second one.

Here is a scenario which will help us understand the process better.
Scenario: The Category HARDWARE has 2 subcategories,
1) Server and 2) Workstation.
3 Business rules are configured as follows,
When a new request comes into ServiceDesk Plus

  1. If the Category is Hardware Assign to Technician C and Group General
  2. If the Category is Hardware and subcategory is Workstation assign to technician B and Group Desktop support
  3. If the Category is Hardware and subcategory is Server assign to technician A and Group Servers.

In which order should the business rules be organised to work properly.
a) 1,2,3
b) 3,2,1
c) 2,1,3
Answer -> b

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