How does ServiceDesk Plus – MSP automatically detect and manage softwares installed in different workstations? How do I apply license keys for purchased softwares?

ServiceDesk Plus – MSP will draw all information about the softwares listed in Add/Remove programs of the workstations on performing a workstation scan such as the Domain scan or Network scan. The

The softwares scanned are listed under Assets -> Software -> Scanned Software.
If you want to view the softwares installed in a particular workstation, Go to Assets -> IT Assets -> Workstations -> Click on the specific workstation-> Software.




Work of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP on managing softwares:
a) Service Desk Plus automatically discovers softwares present in workstations.
b) These softwares by default are identified as “Unidentified” softwares initially under Assets -> Scanned Software.
c) In order to apply license and manage a software, the software should be of Type ‘Managed’.
If the software is not ‘Managed’ then convert it to Managed software as given below,
Click Assets -> Scanned Software -> Click on the particular software you want to change as Managed -> Click Actions -> Change Software type -> From the pop up window select Managed option.

To apply the license to this Managed software, click on Actions -> Add Software License option.

The Add Software License window pop ups. Specify the Number of licenses in the given text field.





There are two types of license.
Enterprise: License for the entire organization (license for unlimited users),
Individual: License for each individual (license for limited users or each installation has its own unique license key). Specify the License Keys in the given text field.
Once you apply the license, the applied license shows up under purchased licenses. You can then allocate these licenses for workstations listed under unlicensed installation and make them licensed installations.

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