I had installed ServiceDesk Plus – MSP on the default port 8080, but now I have change the port to 80. How do I update this new port number in the workstations that has the agent installed? (OR) I have moved ServiceDesk Plus – MSP from one server to another server. How do I update the new server information for agents that are already installed in workstations?

The Agent installed on workstations can be updated using the script Agentconfiguration.vbs. Using this script, you can change the portnumber, protocol, servername and scan at system startup configuration.


You can access the Agentconfiguration.vbs script in Admin -> Agent Settings help card. [  Screenshot ]
Create a new Group Policy for the agent in Active Directory using the script agentconfiguration.vbs. In the parameters section enter the value as given below without parenthesis.
-SERVERNAME (IP Address of the server) -PORT (80) -PROTOCOL (https) -AGENTPORT (9000) -SCANATBOOT (1).


Now when the workstation is logged in, the new script will be executed and the agent will be updated with the new port number.

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