Our user login does not have admin rights to the workstation. Hence the logon script configured for installing the agent through group policy does not work. Is there any alternative?

The user login should have admin rights for the agent to be installed through Active Directory group policy when the computer is logged in. If they don’t then you can configure the agent install as a start up script instead of logon script.
To configure startup script you can follow the steps below,

Steps for configuring in Active Directory:

  1. Create a network share (e.g. \\MyServer\MyShare).
  2. Download the agent and the script InstallAgent.vbs
  3. Save the agent and the script in the network share created in step1.
  4. In your Domain controller, click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers.
  5. In the console tree, right click your domain, and then select Properties. Click the Group Policy tab, and then click Open (New).
  6. In the new pop up window, right click on the domain name or the organizational unit which you like to install the agent and then click on “Create and Link a GPO Here”.
  7. Type a name for this new GPO (for example, AE_AGENT), and then press ENTER.
  8. Right click on the newly created GPO “AE_AGENT” and click edit.
  9. In the new window go to Computer Configuration –> Windows settings –> scripts –> double click Startup.
  10. In the new Logon Properties window click Add. Now browse and select the script “\\MyServer\MyShare\InstallAgent.vbs”. The script should be accessible by the target workstations.
  11. Specify the script parameters as msi file name with path (e.g. \\MyServer\MyShare\ManageEngineAssetExplorerAgent.msi) and click OK.
  12. Close the Group Policy window. Click OK and then quit the Active Directory Users and Computers Window.


Now when the client computer is started, the agent will be automatically installed.

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