What is the purpose of Distributed Asset Scan?

ServiceDesk Plus – MSP helps you scan assets distributed across multiple sites (i.e) Assets which are not connected to the network (or) Assets which are not reachable from the central ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server. This can be done with the help of Asset explorer Remote Server which can be installed in the remote network which helps to scan the Assets in the remote network, export the Asset information into a zip file and then import the information into the Central ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server. [  Screenshot ]


In order to use Distributed Asset Scan feature we have to understand the following terms.


  • Central Server: Your ServiceDesk Plus – MSP installation is the Central Server where you have the Central Asset database.


  • Remote Server: You can install Remote server in your remote network where you would like to scan assets. You will be able to scan and export the Asset information from the Remote server and import it in your Central ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server.


You can download and Install Asset Explorer Remote Server in the remote network by downloading the exe file from the website below.

Please refer the document for more information on Distributed Asset Scan,


With Distributed Asset Scan, you will have a track of all the assets in your organization in one place, making it easier to manage them. Also, distributed asset scan helps to reduce the load of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server.

Customers interested in using the Distributed Asset Scan feature can get the AssetExplorer Remote Server (Remote server) license from our licensing team which can be applied in AssetExplorer Remote server installations. This license is equivalent to the number of nodes purchased for ServiceDesk Plus – MSP.

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