Does ServiceDesk Plus – MSP support LDAP ? If so, how can it be configured ?

Yes, ServiceDesk Plus – MSP supports LDAP.

Login to ServiceDesk Plus – MSP, click on the ‘Admin’ tab, select ‘LDAP’ under the ‘Users’ module to setup LDAP authentication.

Please find the details on how we have configured our Test machine to import users using LDAP.

Domain Controller  : ldap://helpdesk-test1:389
User Name  : CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=helpdesk-test1,DC=com
Password  : Password
Base DN  : CN=Users,DC=helpdesk-test1,DC=com
Search Filter  : (objectClass=person)
LDAP Server Type  : Microsoft Active Directory

where ‘helpdesk-test1’ is the name of our Domain Controller .
In case if you are using Novell e-directory, you could select Novell e-directory from the drop down menu, save the settings and check whether you could import the users.

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