Steps to start ServicedeskPlus MSP as service in UBUNTU machine

1. Copy the servicedesk.txt file to /etc/init.d directory. You can download it fromĀ here

2. Create a new directory in the VAR folder using the command given below,

mkdir /var/lock/subsys

3. Move to the subsys directory, and execute the commands given below one by one.

cd /var/lock/subsys

touch servicedesk

chmod 777 servicedesk

4. Once again change the directory and go to /etc/init.d and execute below command,

update-rc.d -f <service> remove : Since you have already used update-rd.d command and created ‘servicedesk’ service, request you to execute the command and remove the service.

update-rc.d servicedesk defaults : Once the previous installed service is removed, execute this command.

sudo ./servicedesk start

5. Now you can restart the server and check whether the application can be accessed even without starting it from terminal.

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