Technician A creates a report and schedules it in a periodic basis. Will Technician B be able to view the reports scheduled by Technician A ?

No, technicians cannot view reports scheduled by other technicians.


Move a schedule report to different technician login and edit:
Step 1: Connect to the database of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP and get the reportid by executing the below query:

select * from customreport_details where report_name like ‘%%’;
Step 2: Get the technicianid of your new account:

select  h.technicianid’Technicianid’,a.first_name’Name’ from helpdeskcrew h left join sduser sd on sd.userid=h.technicianid left join aaauser a on a.user_id=sd.userid;
Step 3: Change the technician on the report:

update ReportScheduleTask set ownerid=technicianid where reportid=reportid;
Now the technician will see the report under his login and can edit it.


 Note : Take a backup of the application before executing any queries in the database.


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