Formula to calculate survey ratings.

We follow a formula inorder to calculate the ratings in our survey.


Rating = Sum of Ranks awarded to each answer*100/(No. of Questions * No. of Satisfaction levels)




Assume i have 4 Survey Questions Q1, Q2,Q3 and Q4


How to change the request delimiter

By default the request delimiter will be ##. When you reply to a ticket, the subject line should contain ##ticketid##. Only then the reply will get appended to the parent ticket. If you want to change the delimiter you need to update the same i…

Email Command execution, steps to follow.

For a requester to successfully parse values using Email command please ensure the steps below are followed or not.

1.Go to the incident template under which you want to create request and change all the fields which you want to populat…

How to know the queries running in SQl server currently

If SQl server consumes 100% CPU usage execute the below query to know which thread is repetitive and consuming more CPU.


SELECT p.spid, p.status, p.hostname, p.loginame, p.cpu, r.start_time, t.text FROM sys.dm_exec_requests a

Integrate SDP MSP with Opmanager

Opmanager integrates with SDP MSP via API using login details for sending the emails to ServiceDesk. This integration allows Technicians to log critical alarms raised in OPM as tickets in ServiceDesk and track those tickets.

For integra…

AD Duplicate Users Sync Issue

While performing AD import,you may not be able to import few users. This article helps you to find the reason and solution for the same.

Use the following query to find out the  duplicate users and remove them from requesters, technici…

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