Difference Between ManageEngine HelpDesk Solutions ?

Though ManageEngine has multiple HelpDesk applications, they are developed and targeted for Different markets. Here are few cases to understand the difference between them.


HelpDesk Applications in ManageEngine are as follow…

Delete Support Group

Please follow the instructions below to check what could still be hindering the deletion of the Groups:


1.) Execute the below query to find the exact Group Id of the Group that you want to delete:


select qd.queuename “Gr…

Formula to calculate survey ratings.

We follow a formula inorder to calculate the ratings in our survey.


Rating = Sum of Ranks awarded to each answer*100/(No. of Questions * No. of Satisfaction levels)




Assume i have 4 Survey Questions Q1, Q2,Q3 and Q4


How to change the request delimiter

By default the request delimiter will be ##. When you reply to a ticket, the subject line should contain ##ticketid##. Only then the reply will get appended to the parent ticket. If you want to change the delimiter you need to update the same i…

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