Reset the IDs of Request, Problem and Change



Connect to SQL studio of your SQL server.


Queries for the respective modules:




insert into workorder(workorderid,requesterid,createdtime,respondedtime,duebytime,completedtime,tim

How to change the request delimiter

By default the request delimiter will be ##. When you reply to a ticket, the subject line should contain ##ticketid##. Only then the reply will get appended to the parent ticket. If you want to change the delimiter you need to update the same i…

How do I copy an SLA to multiple Accounts?

Goto Admin -> Service Catalog and select a service under a Service Category. Select an Account under the Work Log tab and select an SLA for the service template. Click Copy to Account(s) link to copy the selected SLA to other accounts.



How do I associate multiple Accounts to a service?

Goto Admin -> Service Category and select a service under a Service Category. In the service form, select the accounts to associate this service. The selected accounts would be able to view the service template.



Can I raise Service Requests via e-mail?

Service Requests cannot be created through e-mail. You have to login to the Self-Service Portal, browse through the services and submit your service request.…

Can I merge or link Service Requests?

You can link two or more Service Requests using the ‘Link Requests’ feature. Once the Service Requests are linked, the Notes, Worklogs and Resolution can be copied to all the linked requests from the parent request. It is also …

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