Issue in Connecting Postgres DB through PgAdmin (External)

Issue in connecting postgres DB externally through PgAdmin. Follow the below steps.

* Stop the application service.
* Connect to Postgres DB.
* Execute the below query
ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD ‘postgres’;
* Start t…

Issue in importing users using LDAP and LDAPS



Configuring LDAP settings in Account Details – LDAP Authentication page, can see success message when saving the domain controller info but while importing users it fails.


Root Cause:


Issue in ma…

Upgrade failure while trying to upgrade to 9206.

Issue Description:


Upgrade failure when trying to upgrade to 9206. This happens only in case if you have upgraded to 9201 earlier and then try to upgrade now to 9206


Error trace in updatemgrlogs:


Caused by: java.sql.Ba…

Scheduler page crash issue.

Issue Description:  Showing an error page while accessing Home->Scheduler. Refer image below.




Reason:  This occurs when customer haven’t added any technicians in the support group.


Solution: A…

Zoho Reports Sync Issue.


FAILURE: Initial data synchronization failed.


java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception occured while executing queries and uploading data

Issue while connecting to external postgres database.

Issue Description :

If we are tyring to connect to external postgres located in any other machine or Amazon RDS, once we provide the relevant host name and instance name and credentials in Database Setup Wizard it will show connection est…

Unable to start after installation.

Issue Description:

In some instances, the application is not able to start properly due to improper Database creation. In such cases, it stuck at the image as shown below while start up.



  1. Try changing the webserverport. Execute t

Root path failure

In the Active Directory where the users present , check the following:
  1. Right click on the user and go to properties.

  2. Go to Account tab–> Log On to option.

  3. Check if “All computers” is enabled. Else, enable the same and s

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