AdventNetServiceDesk failed

If the application crashes and does not start then you can try starting it from the command prompt.

  • cmd>[ServiceDeskPlus-HOME]\bin>run.bat
    Example: cmd>c:\adventnet\me\servicedesk\bin>run.bat.Or,
  • Check for the following error in wrapper.log under Servicedesk [home]/bin folder.
  • You might receive the follow error messages.
    • Adventnet ServiceDesk – Failed.


You might receive this error on upgrading.

Error Trace:

Troubleshooting Tips:

Try deleting the extracted folder under [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\applications and re-start the application from the command prompt.

If you still receive the AdventnetServiceDesk [Failed]

  1. Take a backup and reinitialize the database.
  2. Start and stop the ServiceDeskPlus-MSP application and restore the backup.
  3. Try starting the application again

Information required for further analysis:

Wrapper.log under ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/bin and Serverout0.txt under ServiceDeskPlus-MSP/server/default/log.



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