Request link sent in the notifications is wrong

Cause:If ServiceDeskPlus-MSP server is moved or the alias URL under Self service Portal settings is changed, then this error may occur as the notification link will point to the old URL.


Follow the steps to fix this issue,

  1. Under Admin, click on Notification Rules.
  2. Click on Customize Template beside the rule that shows a incorrect link.
  3. Delete the entry which read ‘$RequestLink’ in the Message box.
  4. Choose the ‘Request Link’ variable in the list beside Message box. This will populate a new entry ‘$RequestLink’ in the Message box.
  5. Select and copy the $RequestLink.

  1. Click on the ‘Insert Web Link’ icon (last icon at the top of message box).
  2. Delete the entire content inside the box and then paste $RequestLink inside it.
  3. Click on Save.

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