100% cpu usage

In scenarios where the CPU usage in server peeks to 100% due to ServiceDeskPlus-MSP, the Performance Monitoring Tool will capture threaddump0.txt in the location [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\server\default\log. However, the tool has to be enabled. Collect all the threaddump*.txt available in the logs, in addition to that take a screen-shot of the performance tab in the Task Manager and send it along with the other general info mentioned in the beginning.

 ServiceDeskPlus-MSP crashes frequently / OutOfMemory

 If the wrapper.log file is found to have OutOfMemory trace or if ServiceDeskPlus-MSP crashes frequently, collect all general info required for analyzing performance issues, along with it also capture the Java version. To capture the Java version in the application, go to [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\jre\bin and execute ‘java -version’.


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