No Managed Connections / Unable to access a specific tab

MS SQL Database:

When the serverout*.txt files in the Support File is analyzed with the ‘No Managed Connections‘ error trace or if accessing one of the tabs / feature freezes the application in a MS SQL environment, we need to find the MS SQL table lock at the instance when the issue recur or we have to reproduce the issue and get the lock query.

 Open command prompt as an administrator and execute the below command,



It will create the files sp_who2.html and Block.txt in the location ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\server\default\log.

Check if the file Block.txt contains the suspended query. This query is required to analyze the failure. If it doesn’t have the query there, then open the file sp_who2 and check for the SUSPENDED entry against ‘servicedesk’ DB and make a note of the ‘BlkBy’. You can also execute the ‘sp_who2’ directly in the query analyzer to get the below result.


In the above example we have found the ‘BlkBy’ as 58, now connect to the SQL Management Studio and execute a new query in the servicedesk DB. Query as follows

dbcc inputbuffer (58)


It will return the actual query which is getting blocked.



Copy the query, save it in a text file. This query has to be analyzed to find the root cause.

MySql Database:

In the case of mysql database, we need to enable the slow query log to capture the query which causes this issue.

To enable it, go to [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\bin folder, edit the file ‘startDB.bat’ file in a WordPad and add the below parameter at the end of the existing parameters.

–log-slow-queries –long-query-time=6


Restart the application once for it to take effect. Now you can find the ‘<machine-name>-slow.log’ in the location [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\mysql\data.

These information, the blocked query in case of MS SQL or the slow log in case of the MySql database along with the general info mentioned in this initial document will be helpful in analyzing this issue.


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