Performance monitoring tool

The tool monitors the application for the specified time interval and will generate a thread dump when cpu/memory usage exceeds the threshold value. We can then get the threaddump file and log files to analyze the issue at our end.

To start the performance monitoring tool, connect to the below url
Till 8205,
from 8205

The default threshold values are

cpu usage          = 80%
Free Memory      = 100MB and
the time interval is 1 minute
With the above settings , the tool will monitor the application for every minute and will generate a thread dump when the CPU usage exceeds 80% or when the free memory falls below 100 MB.
The generated thread dump will be available at the location prod_home/server/default/log/
To override the default values, pass the values in the url, like below
After connecting to the url, restart the server once.
To stop the performance monitoring tool, connect to the below url
In addition to the above, please send us the output of the below query.
select count(*) from Queue_Technician;
select count(*) usersitemapping
select count(*) from sitedefinition;
select count(*) from errorlog;
select count(*) from WorkOrder_Fields;
select count(*) from WorkorderHistoryDiff;
select count(*) from WorkorderHistory;
select count(*) from WorkOrderStates;
Once the issue is recreated, zip the complete log folder present under <ServiceDeskplus_Home>/server/default ->log folder and upload in the below link.
– In the upload page, please select ‘send to’ as ‘ServiceDesk Plus MSP’.
– Fill the other fields and click on ‘Upload’. This will upload the log file and send you a confirmation e-mail.

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