Query report to find what are all the scheduled reports present in the application and to whom it belongs to.

Please use the below query to find all the scheduled reports in the application and to whom it belongs to.
select crd.report_name as “Report Name”, ausr.first_name “User Name”, lgin.name “Login Name” ¬†from reportscheduletask rst inner join sduser sdu on rst.ownerid = sdu.userid inner join aaauser ausr on sdu.userid = ausr.user_id inner join aaalogin lgin on ausr.user_id = lgin.user_id inner join customreport_details crd on rst.reportid = crd.reportid
Note: This query will return i18n key for Report Name. So to find the i18n value you can find it from ApplicationResources.properties or ApplicationResources_en_US.properties.
These files are available under [Product_Home]/applications/extracted/AdventNetServiceDesk.eear/AdventNetServiceDeskWC.ear/AdventNetServiceDesk.war/WEB-INF/classes/resources
Go to the above location and open the file ApplicationResources.properties find the report name which came in the query output, right next to it you will see the actual report name.


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