Support Email address CC’d automatically.


Client Requester —> [Sends Email] —> Client’s Support Email address
Client’s Support Email address —> [Forwards Email] —> Mail Server Email address
Manage engine —> [Fetches Email] —> Create’s a ticket

Replying from ServiceDesk —> [Sends Email to] ——-> Client requester also CC’d Client’s Support Email address automatically.



Check the information given below in ServicedeskPlus MSP
1) Make sure that the “Client Support Email address” is not used anywhere in the application (i.e) Support groups, technicians, requesters.
2) Instead of enabling forwarding (i.e) Client Support Email —> [Forwards email] ——> Mail Server Email address, please use alias option.
That is, create an alias for your mail server email address and use that alias for your accounts.

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