Unable to start after installation.

Issue Description:

In some instances, the application is not able to start properly due to improper Database creation. In such cases, it stuck at the image as shown below while start up.



  1. Try changing the webserverport. Execute the command given below in command prompt once. <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin>changeWebServerPort.bat 80 http
  2.  Try changing the database port. Execute the command given below in command prompt once. <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin>changeDBServer.bat.

In the Database setup wizard change the port and test and save it.


After changing it please try to start the application by executing run.bat from a command prompt which is present under <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin>


After successful start, shut down the same by executing shutdown.bat present under <ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin> and then start the application as Service from Services.msc

Please contact our support at sdpmsp@manageengine.com if the issue still persists.





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