WMI scanning issues

Cause: This message is shown if WMI is not available in the remote windows workstation. This occurs in Windows 9x, Windows NT and Windows ME. Such error codes might also occur in higher versions of Windows if the WMI Components are not regist…

Firewall/port block issue

Cause: This message is shown when a firewall is configured on the remote computer. Such exceptions mostly occur in Windows XP (SP-2), when the default Windows Firewall is enabled. 1. Configuring Windows Firewall a. Disable the default F…

Access privilege issue

Error: User does not have the access privileges to perform this operation. Cause: Such error messages are shown, if the User ID provided for scanning does not have sufficient access privileges to perform the scanning operation. Probably…

Remote DCOM settings

Cause: This error message occurs when a Windows workstation fails while scanning. This can be due to the following reasons,
  • a. The login name and password provided for scanning might be invalid in the workstation.
  • b. Remote DCOM option mig

Remote Control issue

  1. The target workstation might be switched off while performing the scan operation.
  2. Application is running in a non-English OS computer.
Solution: a. The target workstation might be switched off while performing the scan operatio…

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