Scheduler page crash issue.

Issue Description:  Showing an error page while accessing Home->Scheduler. Refer image below.     Reason:  This occurs when customer haven’t added any technicians in the support group.   Solution: Assig…

MySQL Tuning

  1. Go to ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin folder
  2. Edit startdb.bat file on a wordpad and append the following parameters to the last line of the file based on the RAM size.
For 1GB RAM: –set-variable=query-cache-type

100% cpu usage

In scenarios where the CPU usage in server peeks to 100% due to ServiceDeskPlus-MSP, the Performance Monitoring Tool will capture threaddump0.txt in the location [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP]\server\default\log. However, the tool has to b

No Managed Connections / Unable to access a specific tab

MS SQL Database: When the serverout*.txt files in the Support File is analyzed with the ‘No Managed Connections‘ error trace or if accessing one of the tabs / feature freezes the application in a MS SQL environment, we need to f

Performance Issues

When ServiceDeskPlus-MSP endures a performance issue, few first hand information collected from the application will help us to analyze the issue quick and with ease.  Few scenarios that you may experience.,  
  1. ServiceDesk Plus is s

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