SSO troubleshooting based on Jespa.log error traces

You can find the jespa.log under Servicedesk-home/logs folder. Assuming SDP-home as \ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP

Open the file in a Notepad.


After performing each troubleshooting steps. You need to close all the Browse

SSO troubleshooting

1. Some times while creating computer account (newcomputeraccount.vbs) using script we may receive error message like 1A8:Object Required::



There might also be an error while using setcomputerpass.vbs file. Below are the screen shot…

Configuring SSO

Explanation about NtlmV2 Implementation in ServiceDeskPlus-MSP :-

NTLMV2 is a protocol supported by Microsoft in order to overcome the security issues of NTLMV1 and the same is implemented in ServiceDeskPlus-MSP using Jespa.


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